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In 1992, the distillery looks to apples

The distillery continued to innovate with the constant determination to draw on the value of the Breton region. So it naturally looked to the apple. The budding enthusiasm of Gilles Leïzour for this typically Breton fruit with multiple facets convinces him to develop his own Fine Bretagne.

That same year, the authorisation to use an old copper column still is obtained and it produces the first distillates. Fine Bretagne Gilles Leïzour was created.

Fine Bretagne, a Breton story

Brittany has for centuries been a land with a cider-making tradition. Fine Bretagne has been made since the 19th century in farms, mainly for local consumption and for sailors leaving from the Breton ports to fish cod in Iceland and Newfoundland in Canada. 


Aware of the need to protect the Breton land and know-how, Gilles Leïzour organised, with the Association of the 17 hermines, the work of getting Fine Bretagne recognised by the French National Institute for Origin and Quality (INAO). The publication of the decree defining controlled designation of origin in 2015 is a just recognition of Breton expertise in relation to apple-related activities

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