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Orchards and land

Brittany has many varieties of apples with very specific qualities. From the sweetest to the tartest, including bittersweet and bitter apples, the apple selection stage is crucial for creating a high quality product. The distillery currently uses the Dous Moen, Peau de chien or even Marie Menard varieties. The selected apples are produced by Breton farmers working in areas strictly determined for their soil quality and exposure so as to guarantee the best possible product. The apples are then harvested when ripe.


After the harvest, the apples are transported to the Distillery then pressed, variety by variety. Rigorous sorting retains only the best apples to obtain high quality worts.   


The worts obtained from pressing are fermented for several months, allowing time for the aromas to develop and the sugar to be converted into alcohol. At the end of the fermentation period, the cider for distillation must naturally titrate at 5% at least. 


When fermentation is complete, the time for distillation arrives. An old copper still, symbolic of the Distillery's historical attachment to Breton spirits, is then used. Its shape is a column, heated by bare flames, that contains several levels to refine the cider eau-de-vie produced, it distils continuously, extracting the purest alcohol and the most pleasing aromas.


Fine Bretagne is aged in Warenghem Distillery cellars for at least 18 months.

The Distillery uses oak casks and tuns (large barrels), that are stored in the cellars where the Breton climate imbues its character.

Pommeau de Bretagne

Fortification involves adding Brittany cider eau-de-vie to the freshly pressed apple wort. The effect of this is to halt the fermentation and stabilise the product before assembly and putting in casks. The cider eau-de-vie used in this operation was previously aged in oak casks for 12 months. Assembly is then done by a master assembler of the Distillery, who selects the best Pommeaux obtained for each variety so as to obtain the ideal taste and produce KER Pommeau de Bretagne.

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