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For more than 100 years, the Warenghem Distillery has used its expertise in the service of high quality liqueurs and spirits. In 1900, Léon Warenghem created Elixir d'Armorique, a heady mixture of 35 distilled plants, then added Breton Single Malt Whisky. Since then, tradition has been perpetuated and Warenghem Distillery develops many fruit and plant-based liqueurs. They are all produced in the greatest respect for tradition and the Distillery's hundred year old expertise.

  • Melmor Chouchen
    Melmor Chouchen

    Water, honey and time.

    The recipe has not changed since the Celts introduced chouchen to Brittany. It is a fragment of Brittany's Druidic heritage. Water drawn from the Distillery's source, honey from different sources to refine the taste, and yeast for fermentation: these are the ingredients of Melmor chouchen. Chouchen is the Breton equivalent of mead. Traditionally, Bretons added freshly pressed apple juice to trigger fermentation. Our traditional methods guarantee the authenticity and taste of Melmor chouchen, our Breton origin, our land.

  • Les Elixirs
    Les Elixirs
  • Historic liqueurs
    Historic liqueurs

    Plougastel strawberry and Lannion blackcurrant liqueur are historic products of the Distillery and reflect the know-how transmitted by the Warenghem family. Rigorously selected, the fruits are steeped in alcohol before being pressed in a traditional wooden press. These fruit liqueurs reveal all their aromas in traditional kir with white wine or Breton kir, fresh and sparkling, accompanied with Breton ciders

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