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Armorik, the whiskies of Brittany 

In Brittany, cousin to Ireland and Scotland, where the Celtic soul continues to thrive, our whisky has found a coastal heathland environment perfect for ageing under the best possible conditions. The sea, wind and rain have forged its character that is second to none.  Two copper stills for a traditional double distillation, an ageing cellar enabling different types of casks to thoroughly mature the products and a cellar master passionate about obtaining the right aromatic balance are all elements that make our Armorik Whiskies great.

The Armorik range now offers you exceptional Breton Whiskies available as Single Malts or Blended whiskies.

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  • 46,80 €

    Whisky Breton Single Malt, 70 cl, 46%, non-chill filtered  Genuine symbol of the Distillery's values, this Armorik highlights both the quality of its know-how and its attachment to the Breton land. In partnership with a local cooper, the Distillery designed unique Brittany oak casks. Armorik Double Maturation remains in them for many long years before...

  • 41,80 €

    Whisky Breton Single Malt, 70 cl, 46%, non-chill filtered Cornerstone of the range, ARMORIK Classic comprises the best of our cellars in a highly refined edition. As a marriage of sherry and bourbon casks of different ages, it highlights the quality of the ageing on the Breton Coasts and the expertise of our cellar manager. This ARMORIK Classic comes in...

  • 29,80 €

    40%, 70cl Aged in bourbon casks and refined in sherry casksIts Breton origins forged the character of Armorik, the first single malt Breton whisky. During their ageing, some Armorik casks were transferred into casks that had contained sherry and remained there for a few more months. The natural fruitiness of Armorik becomes more refined by warm notes of...

  • 21,00 €

    40%, 70cl Aged in oak casksIts Breton origins forged the character of Armorik, the first single malt Breton whisky. Produced by double distillation in traditional copper stills, it is then aged for many years in oak casks in our Breton cellars where the sea, wind and rain imbibe it with the subtle nuances of the Celtic soul.

  • 16,00 €

    Brittany Blended Whisky, 70 cl, 42% Exceptional product, born from the know-how of the Warenghem distillery: The first Whisky made in Brittany! Produced in the tradition of Whisky-making, aged in oak casks in our cellars, it gives you the richness of a refined Whisky, typically celtic, not like others. This Blended Whisky, composed of 25% Malt Whisky and...

  • 21,00 €

    Brittany Blended Whisky, 70 cl, 42%  Enjoy this original blending: a 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky! “Galleg” means "France" in Breton and its packaging clearly identifies its Celtic origins.

  • 34,80 €

    Whisky Breton Blended, 70 cl, 40% 50% grain, 50% malt. The double distillation in copper stills is followed by an ageing in traditional oak casks, all matured by the climate with a particular climate in Brittany. Here are a few of the factors that now lead Distillerie Warenghem to offer this excellent Blended Whisky at 42% ABV. Breizh is a famous cousin...

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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