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  • 65,00 €

    Whisky Breton Single Malt, 70 cl, 46%, non-chill filtered LIMITED TO 1700 BOTTLES Armorik Maitre de Chai is a limited edition (1,700 bottles) from a blending of two first fill Oloroso Sherry casks. The first edition of Armorik Maitre de Chai came out in 2014 and was re-edited this year for the third time. It illustrates the know-how and expertise of...

  • 65,00 €

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  • 46,80 €

    Whisky Breton Single Malt, 70 cl, 46%, non-chill filtered  Genuine symbol of the Distillery's values, this Armorik highlights both the quality of its know-how and its attachment to the Breton land. In partnership with a local cooper, the Distillery designed unique Brittany oak casks. Armorik Double Maturation remains in them for many long years before...

  • 41,00 €

    Whisky Breton Single Malt, 70 cl, 46%, non-chill filtered Cornerstone of the range, ARMORIK Classic comprises the best of our cellars in a highly refined edition. As a marriage of sherry and bourbon casks of different ages, it highlights the quality of the ageing on the Breton Coasts and the expertise of our cellar manager. This ARMORIK Classic comes in...

  • 21,30 €

    40%, 70cl Aged in oak casksIts Breton origins forged the character of Armorik, the first single malt Breton whisky. Produced by double distillation in traditional copper stills, it is then aged for many years in oak casks in our Breton cellars where the sea, wind and rain imbibe it with the subtle nuances of the Celtic soul.

  • 29,80 €

    40%, 70cl Aged in bourbon casks and refined in sherry casksIts Breton origins forged the character of Armorik, the first single malt Breton whisky. During their ageing, some Armorik casks were transferred into casks that had contained sherry and remained there for a few more months. The natural fruitiness of Armorik becomes more refined by warm notes of...

  • 35,00 €

    Whisky Breton Blended, 70 cl, 40% 50% grain, 50% malt. The double distillation in copper stills is followed by an ageing in traditional oak casks, all matured by the climate with a particular climate in Brittany. Here are a few of the factors that now lead Distillerie Warenghem to offer this excellent Blended Whisky at 42% ABV. Breizh is a famous cousin...

  • 20,30 €

    Brittany Blended Whisky, 70 cl, 42%  Enjoy this original blending: a 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky! “Galleg” means "France" in Breton and its packaging clearly identifies its Celtic origins.

  • 16,30 €

    Brittany Blended Whisky, 70 cl, 42% Exceptional product, born from the know-how of the Warenghem distillery: The first Whisky made in Brittany! Produced in the tradition of Whisky-making, aged in oak casks in our cellars, it gives you the richness of a refined Whisky, typically celtic, not like others. This Blended Whisky, composed of 25% Malt Whisky and...

  • 38,80 €

    The Etoile Edition of our Fine Bretagne was named after one the last Paimpol schooners still in activity.  It has been minutely aged in oak casks from the forests of Limousin, which are recognised for their aging quality. This Fine Bretagne develops powerful and warm aromas with notes of oven-cooked apples completed with a delicate woody note. 

  • 30,80 €

    40%, 70cl Easy and immediately identifiable about its origins. The notes of fresh and mild apples underlined by a sweetness make a pleasent and friendly brandy. 

  • 19,80 €

    40%, 70cl As a regulated designation of origin, Fine Bretagne ages in oak casks in the distillery's cellars where it develops its aromas and acquires its character thanks to the Breton climate.It is enjoyable to drink and its balanced apple aromas will delight the palate when the time for the digestif arrives.

  • 14,80 €

    AOC, 70cl, 17% Brittany has a rich variety of apples, from the sweetest to the sourest apples. Several varieties are used to obtain an apple wort that is then assembled with the greatest care by our cellar master.

  • 9,75 €

    AOC, 70 cl, 17% - Gold medal at Concours Général Agricole 2012 in Paris Like the Fine Bretagne, "Pommeau" in a protected origine name. Ker Pommeau de Bretagne is characterised by the uniformity and richness of the aromas and its taste.

  • 9,30 €

    75 cl, 13% Warenghem Distillery has a long experience in managing the ageing of its spirits and invites you to discover MELMOR chouchen, aged in oak casks.

  • 7,30 €

    75 cl, 13% From a blend of honeys expertly selected for their aromatic qualities, Melmor Chouchen is obtained after slow fermentation.

  • 29,00 €

    70cl, 40% As the emblematic product of the distillery, it has been produced at Lannion for around a hundred years. Produced from the distillation of orange peel, its recipe contains a "secret" ingredient that adds a citrus note to the whole and makes it different from other triple sec liqueurs.

  • 24,30 €

    70 cl, 40% THE emblematic product of the Distillery. 110 years and still as great! Awarded many times, right from the beginning of the last century, Elixir d'Armorique has retained its subtle equilibrium between the different plants composing it.

  • 22,80 €

    70 cl, 22% The combination of a typical Breton product, recognised for its incontestable taste, and a century-long expertise in fruit liqueurs.

  • 17,27 €

    70 cl, 16% This flavoursome blackcurrant liqueur, made from carefully selected blackcurrants, releases its aromas in traditional kir with white wine, or in fresh and sparkling Breton kir with Breton cider.

  • 15,70 €

    70 cl 40%Vol  Kirsch-based spirits

  • 8,50 €

    100 cl, 15% This mint liqueur with its intense taste is enjoyed pure as a digestif, and can be a pleasant component in your cocktails, and even your cooking. Its fresh minty taste leaves a wonderful minty after-taste in the mouth.

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items

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